Safe Place, Inc. has built a successful track record over the past twenty-eight

years assisting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault 

break free from a violent past, make healthy choices,

and achieve an independent life. 


Our goal is to keep moving forward, continuing our survivor advocacy while educating our communities about breaking the social stigmas associated with all forms of

violence.  Together we can all make a difference by working

together to inspire change.



Safe Place, Inc. exists to improve the quality of life for the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing 24-hour intervention, temporary shelter, counseling, advocacy, criminal justice support,  education in the areas of parenting, healthy relationships, self-sufficiency and financial planning. We remain committed to the elimination of violence through public awareness and prevention education.

We can help you.

If you are ready to leave an abusive situation, we can help.  If you are dealing with the trauma of sexual assault, we can help.  We can keep you and your children safe and help you establish a life without violence.  We are the only domestic violence/rape crisis center serving Moore, Dallam, Hartley, and Sherman counties, and we have been helping people move from victim to former victim since 1987.


Call us, and we can come to you, if you do not have transportation.

All of our services are free of charge and available in both English and Spanish

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We have a 24hr a day crisis hotline, (806) 935-2828.

We have a secure, staffed residential shelter for you and your children, if you are in imminent danger.   We provide 24 hr a day emergency transportation and assistance with medical and legal issues.  We help you find employment and offer a variety of educational and counseling opportunities for you and your children.

Read More Sexual Assault

We offer sexual assault crisis intervention and emergency transportation for victims of stranger/non-stranger sexual assault. 

If you are a victim, one of our trained advocates will accompany you to any necessary medical exams and help you navigate

the legal process.  Our counselors and client advocates can help you as a shelter resident or non-resident.

Education and Counseling Services

We can insure that your children's educational and social needs are met while resident in our shelter.  In addition, we offer a wide variety of classes and counseling sessions designed to give you the skills to create and maintain a life without violence.  These are available to shelter residents and non-residents alike.

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We operate This n That Thrift Store as a non-profit business to help support our efforts

to assist survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Sat. 12:00 noon - 4:00 P.M.
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Office Hours 9:00 am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday

No appointment necessary for immediate face-to-face crisis intervention and advocacy services.

Call the 24 hour crisis hotline at 806-935-2828 or Spanish 1-800-799-7233 (National) for more information and assistance after business hours.

All services at Safe Place Inc. are provided in Spanish and English.

Client Advocacy

Hotline Services

The hotline, 806-935-2828, offers 24 hour crisis intervention, information and referral for any survivor of domestic abuse and or sexual assault.

Emergency Transportation

Survivors seeking shelter in our 4 county service area are provided emergency transportation by Safe Place Inc. staff and/or trained volunteers.  We also transport survivors to the Bridge and to NW Texas Hospital for SANE exams.  We transport shelter residents to/from work, school, church, and other places.

Support Groups

Survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault can meet with others who have been in similar situations and discuss common issues while taking part in activities designed to build their self-esteem and autonomy.

Our client advocates can conduct short-term and long-term face-to-face crisis intervention and can assist survivors in obtaining support from a wide variety of public and

private social-service agencies and organizations.

Residential Program

Safe Place Inc. provides 24 hour emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault who are in imminent danger.  The shelter is maintained in Dumas, Texas and is open to both men and women and is handicapped accessible. Survivors and their children not in imminent physical danger are still

eligible for all of our other services on a non-residential basis.

Essential Education Services

Community Education

At Safe Place Inc. survivors are given the opportunity to enroll in Parenting Classes, Anger Management Classes, Healthy Relationship and Self Esteem Support Groups.

We assist survivors in their efforts to escape financial dependence on an abuser.  The financial education we provide includes: budgeting, debt management, balancing a checkbook, and other skills necessary to establish an independent life without violence. 


Safe Place personnel provide education to local civic groups and organizations about the  causes

and consequences of domestic violence and sexual assault and the intervention and prevention services

Safe Place Inc. provides.  We work closely with school counselors to teach students how to prevent and/or

deal with bullying at school or in social settings.  In addition, we provide educational programs to the

Middle and High Schools in our 4-county area on dating abuse and violence and on the dangers

of sexting and oversharing on social media websites.

Safety Planning 

Educational Arrangements for Children

We help survivors prepare safety and escape plans that will enhance their and their children's safety at home, work, and in public or social settings and increase their chances of escaping from a bad situation.

Our trained advocates conduct peer counseling sessions that give support and

understanding to adult and child survivors of domestic violence and/or

sexual assault. Professional counseling is also available to all

victims through Safe Place Inc.


By assisting parents with making educational arrangements for children and, when necessary, providing clothing and school supplies, Safe Place Inc. ensures compliance with Texas Education Laws.

Moreover, our child advocate meets regularly with survivors' children to assess their progress towards goals set up by both parent and child.

Legal Assistance

Our legal advocate and survivor advocate assist clients in applying for protective orders, child support,

and legal aid assistance.  In addition, our advocates accompany survivors of abuse and

violence as they navigate the criminal justice system.





TEL: (806) 935-2828 24 hr. Hotline  

(806) 935-7585  Dumas Office

(806) 249-5127  Dalhart Office 

1-800-753-7553  Toll Free